Elevators have been around for over a century. Across the decades, they have evolved from unsafe, unpredictable machines, into an efficient, reliable, and extremely important form of automation across the world.

Today, we represent the cutting-edge of industry standards by enhancing outdated systems with key upgrades – primarily regarding safety. Some of these include:

  • Integrated closed loop drive systems with precision floor leveling sensors, both of which heighten ride comfort
  • Electronic speed monitoring
  • Hoistway door safety measures
  • Light curtains
  • Sound dampening systems
  • Overload detection
  • Energy-efficient permanent magnet systems
  • Automatic light control for energy conservation
  • Automatic rescue devices
  • Remote monitoring platforms

At Nigma, we offer all these and more for any brand of elevator, with operation speeds from 1-4 m/s, and capacities of 300 kg to 4000 kg – along with client-specific needs.

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