Automatic Doors

Entrance doors that open automatically upon approaching are a common sight in shops,  malls, office buildings and increasingly, in homes. Automatic doors can add an extra degree of convenience, elegance and safety to any environment.

Our range of Automatic doors come in three types:

Automatic Swing Doors

Our Automatic swing doors open effortlessly upon approach, opening and closing quietly and with sensors all around to detect when people or objects are in the path of the opening or closing door and stop any motion quickly and safely.

Automatic Sliding Doors

Nigma’s range of automated sliding doors add elegance and a extra layer of security to your entrance and exit points. The integrated SoftMotion technology provides an exceptionally quiet operation and an extra level of safety.

Automatic Revolving Doors

Nigma’s range of revolving doors come in one, two and three wing designs and can add an extra touch of class to any mall, office building or residential tower. Revolving doors can ease traffic flow through a busy entrance area while maintaining temperature control between the outside and inside. 

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