Mid-Rise Cantiliver

The elevator that optimizes space and energy. Specially designed to be installed in existing buildings with reduced spaces, in both shaft and pit dimensions

The tailor-made solution Maximum flexibility and performance:

Eco Design

  • Use of gearless motor with permanent magnets without gears or oils; as well as VVVF technology for control
  • Timed cab light shutdown
  • Low acoustic impact
  • Significant reduction in operating costs
  • Possibility of accumulating and regenerating energy
  • Possibility of single-phase execution


  • Soft, comfortale and quiet movements for the user
  • Starts and stops are progressive and precisely
  • Significant reduction in noise in the electrical cabinet as a result of the elimination of contactors


  • Rescue system and automatic evacuation of the user in case of power failure
  • Bidirectional communication system in the cabin
  • Protection of passengers by means of infrared curtains when entering the cabin


  • Achieving maximum cabin dimensions in minimum gaps
  • Allowing execution in single, double and triple boarding
  • The building will have a greater usable surface for architects, developers and end users

Optional Features

Timer Car Light

Shuts off the cabin light after a predetermined interval, to allow for power savings.

Mechanical Lock Device

A safety device that allows for the locking of landing doors preventing its opening, unless the car door and the landing door are facing.

Selective Door Opening

Option that allows lift cabins having double entrances on the same floor – allowing you to decide which doors open.

Fire Alarm System

On activation, this system will safely return any passengers to a designated floor, allowing for quick release and rescue. In addition, a panel can be installed to allow for manual override by firefighters if required.

Earthquake Alarm

When activated, the seismic sensor will force the elevator to stop at the next floor, and stay open – allowing any passengers to seek safety.


An electrical device that increases input voltage to maintain steady power.

Reduced Pit Kit

Allows for a small-form-factor pit, complete with mechanical stop, a safety detector, and retractable spoiler.

Reduced Headroom Kit

Used when it is not possible to obtain superior security space at the top of the shaft. Contains a mechanical stop, and a safety feature to detect people on the ceiling.

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