Entrance Gates

By providing ease of access at the touch of a button and adding a visible layer of security around any premises, Automatic entrance gates are a common sight in industrial commercial and residential properties around the middle east. 

Our range of heavy-duty, automatic gates can be provided with either swing or slide mechanisms depending on the needs of the customer and the requirements of the premises. 

All our gates offer a high degree of durability and reliability and are designed for frequent use to make them suitable in an industrial environment and to avoid any costly disruptions caused by malfunctioning gates. Nigma’s experienced installation and maintenance teams will make sure that you get many years of uninterrupted service from your automatic gate. 

Entry can be controlled via a security room, handheld devices, verified swipe cards or even biometric recognition or numberplate recognition depending on your individual security requirements.

Nigma also supply, install and maintain a wide range of secure and stylish entrance gates designed especially for private villas. Whether you prefer a sliding gate or a swing gate, entrance and exit to your villa can be safely controlled through a hand-held remote control, a transponder in your vehicle or for a visitor, via an intercom unit near the gate itself

Add elegance and an extra layer of security to your villa entry and exit points with Nigma’s intelligent automatic entrance gates.

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